About the Organizing Committee

About the Organizing Committee

PAGES is organized by a volunteer committee:

Mona Bacon
Edmonton Public Library

Jocelyn Badley
Virtual Services/Reference Librarian
Strathcona County Library

If you had told Jocelyn Badley as a child that she would become a librarian, she probably would have thought that was the best job ever. Her professional interests include technology and technology training, copyright, all kinds of design, and digital resources. When she is not at work, Jocelyn sews, reads, plays video games, and makes brief forays outside to check on her garden.

Heide Blackmore

Heide Blackmore has always loved reading and remembers carrying the Extension Library box of books home from the post office every few weeks as a child. Her favourite reading-related books are Reader-Friendly Library Service by Rachel van Riel and Reading Matters: What The Research Reveals About Reading, Libraries and Community by Catherine Sheldrick Ross.

Heather Dolman
Public Services Manager
St. Albert Public Library

Heather Dolman has worked in a number of areas within the library including circulation and interlibrary loans, special services and outreach, training, and management. She strongly believes that the future of libraries lies in their ability to build community – through the development of strong and supportive relationships and partnerships within the community. In her spare time Heather runs, reads from a wide variety of genres, participates in a couple of book clubs, and enjoys music.

Anna-Marie Klassen
Assistant Manager, Adult Services
Strathcona County Library

Angela Kublik
Manager, Adult Services
Strathcona County Library

Dr. Margaret Mackey
School of Library & Information Studies
University of Alberta

Margaret Mackey takes a professional interest in all forms of literacy: print, media, digital, and future options and possibilities. She teaches and researches in these areas at the School of Library and Information Studies at the Unversity of Alberta.

Luise Mendler-Johnson
Reader Services Librarian
St. Albert Public Library

An avid reader since my childhood in Germany, new worlds literally opened up for me when I read  my first novel in English, Gone with the Wind, in Grade 10. Little did I know this was the beginning of a life journey that would eventually lead me half way around the globe to my current position as Reader Services Librarian. What could be better than selecting new fiction, picking engaging books for book club discussions and introducing readers to new authors and books they may not have sought out themselves? In my other life I am a passionate painter (if curious, see http://www.paintersguild.ca/, http://www.vasa-art.com/ ),  a sporadic perennial gardener, and a bit of a political junkie.

Lindy Pratch

Janice Sundar
Secondary Literacy Consultant
Elk Island Public Schools